Ethnography of Human Rights of Women Workers’ in Cakung NIZ

Ethnography of Human Rights of Women Workers’ in Cakung National Industrial Zone

Research Time Range :  April – July 2015

Abstract :

This research intends to highlight the human rights conditions of women workers who work at Special Export Industrial Zone by the name of Kawasan Berikat Nusantara (KBN) Cakung, Jakarta. This research supported by Seoul National University which fund the research with total 5.000.000 KRW. As the region which is given a variety of facilities and services for the operating companies, there are a number of potential human rights violations, especially for women workers who dominate the number of workers at KBN Cakung. These violations potentials consist of violations in basic rights, freedom of association, sexual violence and harassment, wage and working hours violation.

The result of the study confirmed a number of potential human rights violations. The violations were successfully mapped as payments of wages that are under the Provincial Minimum Wage standard, earnings suspension, infeasible working hours and unachievable working target, as well as its sanctions and restrictions on the rights to pray accordingly to the workers’ faith/religion.The study results also indicate a form of control on women workers’ body as a violation of women’s sexuality. These offenses such as restriction to get pregnant, reduction of menstrual leave, and women are also being forced to work even while they are unfit health-wise. In general, women workers in KBN Cakung tend to degrade the workers’ quality life.

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