Decent Work in Apparel and Footwear Sector

Qualitative Research on Decent Work in Apparel and Footwear Sector: Perspective on Compliance to Ecosoc Covenant

Research Time Range : October – December 2012

Abstract :

In 2012, Inkrispena in partner with SOMO conducted research about decent work condition in apperel and footwear sector related to the compliance ECOSOC Covenant. This research describe why the ratification of the ECOSOC Covenant have no effect whatsoever to  (a)  the precarious working  conditions and, ultimately,  to  (b)  the  improvement of workers welfare in Indonesian apparel and footwear sector. The methodology used in the research, is qualitative approach. The  purpose  of  this  report  is  to  provide  relevant  information  on  parliament,  governmentí, companies  and  trades  unions  attitudes  towards  the  right  to  decent  work  and  to  review  its implementation  in  Indonesia,  in  order  to  determine  steps  to  support  the  improvement  of Apparel and Footwear workers working conditions.

The result of research shows that the  condition  where  the  ratification  of  the  Covenant  of  ECOSOC  Rights  have  no  effect whatsoever  to  (a)  the precarious working  conditions and, ultimately,  to  (b)  the  improvement of workersí welfare  in  Indonesian  apparel  and  footwear  sector  can  be  consider  as  structural ignorance  from  the  level  of  parliament,  government  of  Indonesia,  and  companies  in  the industrial sector. The  right  to  decent  work  is  not  viewed  in  unity  with  the right  at  work,  which make  the  fulfillment  of  one  right  can  only  be  done  by  the  expenses  of other right

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